Why join us?

We are always looking for talented individuals to join our organisation. We offer a culture that fosters creativity and innovation so if you are looking to develop your career and want to help shape our company then we’d like to hear from you.

Our expectations

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We only want people who are truly committed to making a difference to our clients’. It’s a well used cliché but ‘going the extra mile’ really means something at Monaplix Energy. It’s why clients feel confident in our ability to deliver and become long-standing partners, rather than just deliver one-off projects. Show the commitment, make a difference and we’ll offer a rewarding career.
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Our company is built based on trust, honesty and a philosophy for doing the right thing. We don’t cut corners or look for the cheap and easy solution. We do things one way which is the right way – we treat clients and colleagues with the respect they deserve which creates superb work and a great workplace. If you share this belief then we have a place for you.
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At Optiedge Nigeria Limited, a team isn’t just a group of people with the same to-do list. It’s core to our culture. Teamwork goes beyond just the dynamics of the company and your work mates but also supplier partners, clients and everyone involved in creating fantastic work.
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If you want to succeed at Monaplix Energy, you’ll need passion, enthusiasm and motivation. We need the same passion injected into every project and every working day. If you’re excited about what you do then there’s a place to do it with us.